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Charge Syndrome

 Updated 10/2004

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CHARGE syndrome (also known as CHARGE association) refers to a specific set of birth defects whose most common features include: C = coloboma, H = heart defects, A = atresia of the choanae, R = retardation of growth and development, G = genital and urinary abnormalities, E = ear abnormalities and/or hearing loss.
[bullet] CHARGE Family Support Group
The home page of a registered British charity, this web site offers general information about CHARGE, news, links, and an online forum.
[bullet] CHARGE Syndrome
This personal web site "was created to inform educators about CHARGE Syndrome and the educational aspects/issues the educational team must consider when working with families that have a child diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome." The author's credentials are not mentioned; however, bibliographic references are included.
[bullet] Charge Syndrome WebRing
Links to a variety of sites about Charge syndrome, mostly by families who want to share their experiences with others.
[bullet] Charge-Like Syndrome, X-Linked
Technical information from the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database.
[bullet] CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
Basic information about the disorder and the foundation.
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