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If you have a home page with great disability resources, we'd love to check it out as a potential link for The DRM Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet. Please note our criteria. Please do not submit links that obviously do not meet these criteria.
The DRM WebWatcher
1. The DRM WebWatcher is designed to link Disability Resources Monthly subscribers and others with the best disability resources on the web. The WebWatcher only includes sites that serve a broad national or international audience. It is limited to sites that contain significant, substantive, objective, useful, and dependable information. These sites must be among the very best on their topic, well-organized, and up-to-date. Of course, this may vary depending upon the topic.
2. In evaluating potential websites, we look at the breadth and depth of information provided, the site's attitude towards people with disabilities, the author's background and qualifications, who sponsors and/or funds the site, how current the information is, and the type of oversight given to legal or medical information. Please see our FAQ on evaluating websites for more information.
3. We do not accept fees for listings or participate in "link exchanges."
4. We will not link to sites whose main purpose is to advertise products or professional services, no matter how useful those products or services might be to the disability community. Vendors who are interested in reaching our users may wish to inquire about our organization's corporate sponsorship program.
5. We generally do not include mailing lists, discussion groups, listservs and similar resources since we cannot possibly join all of them in order to evaluate them. Our page on disability listservs provides links to lists of disability listservs.
The DRM Regional Resource Directory
1. The DRM Regional Resource Directory is designed to link Disability Resources Monthly subscribers and others with credible resources in their own states or communities. This directory features nonprofit organizations and government agencies that serve specific states or localities in the U.S.
To suggest a link that meets these criteria, send an e-mail message to links@disabilityresources.org. Please do not submit prepared site descriptions as we write our own descriptions for all sites listed in The DRM WebWatcher.
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