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Used Assistive Technology Equipment and Computers

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Technology has been a boon for people with disabilities - at least for those people who can handle its high price tags. Used equipment is often a more affordable option, especially when other funding sources are not available. Maybe you can catch a good buy on one of these web sites.
This page includes:
AT Equipment
Here are some national web sites that post "used equipment" ads for a wide variety of assistive technology products:
 Abledata Classifieds
 Equipped for Independence
 NORD Medical Equipment Exchange
 Wheelchair Accessible Home Clearinghouse
In addition, many state technology assistance projects and independent living centers have programs to help people buy and sell used equipment. Check The DRM Regional Resource Directory to find one of these organizations in your community.
Just getting started? There are a number of organizations that provide used computer equipment to people with disabilities and/or nonprofit organizations that serve them. (The computers are not necessarily adapted.) Check these out:
 Computer Recycling Organizations (Dale Tersey)
 Consistent Computer Bargains (for nonprofits)
 Lazarus Foundation
 Organizations That Can Help You Get a Computer (Action Without Borders)
 PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Programs
 The Super Start Project (includes excellent list of computer recycling programs)
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